Disney Meets The Wizard


Roger Ericson and His Men
Label:  Percussive Stereo
Catalog #:  RPS 39005
Country:   Great Britain/United States
Format:  12" Standard LP
Speed:  33 1/3 RPM
Audio: Stereo
Matrix #:  ZRIC-5461-2E / ZRIC-5462-2E

Record Comments:  This record is a product of London Records and was recorded in London but printed in the United States.  The recording uses advanced sound techniques to provide dramatized stereo effects that take full advantage of the left and right channels.  Most of the songs are instrumentals, except for "Heigh-Ho" and "Over The Rainbow" that contain some vocal moments.  Three of the tracks are from the non-Disney production "The Wizard of Oz."  The last Oz track, "Over The Rainbow" is mash up of Oz and Disney. 

Subject Notes:  Disney compilation records include a collection of songs from a variety of Disney productions.

   Record Contents: 


1. Whistle While You Work 2:22
2. We're Off To See The Wizard 1:24
3. Some Day My Prince Will Come 2:56
4. If I Only Had A Brain 2:46
5. When You Wish Upon A Star 4:14
6. Heigh Ho -- vocal 1:42
7. Give A Little Whistle 2:56
8. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo  3:09
9. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah 2:26
10. Over The Rainbow 7:14

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