Famous Arias From Carmen And Other Operas


Mozart, Rossini, Offenbach and Bizet
Label:  Disneyland (Yellow Plain)
Catalog#:  DQ-1265
Country:  United States
Format:  12" Standard LP
Speed:  33 1/3 RPM
Audio:  Mono
Year:  1965

Record Comments:  This record contains four tracks featuring music from Mozart, Rossini, Offenbach and Bizet.  Each track includes multiple arias with narration that provides some background information about the music and composers.

Matrix Number:  DQ-1265-A LW 114 / DQ-1265-B LW 114

Subject Notes:  Disney opera collections include a variety of music from famous composers.

   Record Contents: 


1. Mozart
  - The Marriage Of Figaro
  - Don Giovanni
  - The Magic Flute
2. Rossini
  - Barber Of Seville
  - William Tell
3. Offenbach
  - Orpheus In The Underworld
  - Tales Of Hoffman
  - Orpheus In The Underworld
4. Bizet
  - Carmen

Total Time:



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Record Artwork

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(Side 1 and 2)


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