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Records on this shelf are part of a series issued by the Disney company to promote their movies, parks and other on radio with commercials, interviews and more.Record Checklist
Apple Dumpling Gang Aristocats Bambi Babes In Toyland
Apple Dumpling Gang (Commercial Radio Spots) CR-3082 The Aristocats (Commercial Radio Announcements) CR-3473 Walt Disney's Bambi (Commercial Radio Announcements) BT-1 Walt Disney Presents Victor Herbert's Babes In Toyland
Beach Party (1963) Beach Party (1973) Bedknobs/Broomsticks Blackbeard's Ghost
BEACH-763-USA Interview Specials With The Stars Of Beach Party (Radio Spots) Beach Party (Radio Spots) WDP-100 Bedknobs And Broomsticks (A One Hour Radio Special) Blackbeard's Ghost (Commercial Radio Announcements)
Charley... / Cinderella Disney On Parade Escape To Witch... In Search... Castaways
DS-2724 Charley And The Angel / Cinderella CR-3279 Disney On Parade (Commercial Radio Announcements) UN-9001 Escape To Witch Mountain (Commercial Radio Announcements) CAS-1 In Search Of The Castaways (Radio Spots)
Island At Top/Pooh... Mary Poppins (INT. '64) Mary Poppins (CRA '64) Mary Poppins (CRA '73)
Island At The Top Of The World / Winnie The Pooh And Tigger Too (Commercial Radio Announcements) CR-2596 Mary Poppings (Interviews) CR-2706 Walt Disney's Mary Poppins (Commercial Radio Announcements) CR-3383 Walt Disney's Mary Poppins (Radio Spots)
Merlin Jones The Monkey's Uncle Muscle Beach Party
CR-2567 The Misadventures Of Merlin Jones 365 Annette (The Monkey's Uncle Open-End Interview) MBP-264-USA Muscle Beach Party (Open-End Interviews)
Never A Dull Moment Now You See Him...
CR-3082  Never A Dull Moment (Commercial Radio Announcements Walt Dinsey Productions' Now You See Him... Now You Don't #DIS-72-1
One Of Our Dinosaurs Pajama Party The Parent Trap Pollyanna
UN-9002 One Of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing a-14 Pajama Party (Radio Spots) PT-1 The Parent Trap (Commercial Radio Announcements) POL-3 Pollyanna (Commercial Radio Announcements)
Son Of Flubber Summer Magic Swiss Family Robinson Treasure Is... / Dr. Syn...
938 Walt Disney's Comedy Smash Of The Year ''Son Of Flubber'' CR-2534 Summer Magic (Commercial Radio Announcements) CR-2894 Swiss Family Robinson (Commercial Radio Announcements) UN-9013 Treasure Island / Dr. Syn, Alias The Scarescrow


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