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Records on this shelf contain music or spoken dialog based on a Disney Theme Park ride or attraction.  Multiple issues may have their own shelf.  Check the Home Page for a full listing of all record shelves.
Record Checklist
A - B
WD-3 A Musical Souvenir Of "America On Parade"   WE-2 A Musical Souvenir Of Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom   DL-558 Mansanto Presents Miracles From Molecules   3812 America Sings

C - D

WD-1 The Character Parade   ST-3994 Walt Disney World's Country Bear Jamboree   WDL-3035 Date Nite At Disneyland   ST-3901 A Day At Disneyland      


STER-4046 The Disneyland Band   2510 The Offical Album Of Disneyland / Walt Disney World   2531 The Offical Album Of Disneyland / Walt Disney World   UN-1955 Donald Duck And His Friends   


WE-1 Walt Disney World's Electrical Water Pageant   3966 Walt Disney's The Enchanted Tiki Room   LG-807  Songs From Walt Disney's The Enchanted Tiki Room   2519 The Official Album Of Walt Disney World EPCOT Center

F - I

DEP-4004-C  Walt Disney Takes You To Frontierland   D301 Walt Disney's Song Of Frontierland   STER-3806 The Hall Of Presidents   3947 The Haunted Mansion   339 Walt Disney Presents The Haunted Mansion   
J - S

DMK-1007 Journey Into Space   STER-4045 The Kids Of The Kingdom   KK-1001 Kids Of The Kingdom Show Album No. 1   DE-1 Main Street Electrical Parade

N - S

WD-NY-R New Year's Eve At Disneyland   3937 Pirates of the Caribbean   DMK-1005 The Pirates Of The Caribbean

T - Z

WDL-4004 Walt Disney Takes You To Disneyland   D302 Walt Disney's Song Of Tomorrowland   UN-1005 Videopolis   2524 Voices Of Liberty


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