Walt Disney Presents It's A Small World


Disneyland Boys Choir
Label:  Disneyland (Yellow Plain)
Catalog#:  DQ-1289
Country:  United States
Format:  12" Standard LP
Speed:  33 1/3 RPM
Audio:  Mono
Year:  1965

Record Comments:  This record was issued several times which resulted in many variations.  Early issues include a white back and the text "High Fidelity" in the Disneyland logo.  Later issues have pink backs with no "High Fidelity" text in the Disneyland Logo.

The pink pressings may vary in color from dark pink to a light coral.  The vinyl has several variations as well, with yellow plain or yellow rainbow labels and vinyl surfaces that show twenty or twelve track marks.


Subject Notes:  It's A Small World is a Disney attraction and made its official debut at the 1964 World's Fair in New York.  It was added to the Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California in May of 1966.

   Record Contents: 


1. It's A Small World 2:06  
2. England - Oranges And Lemons / Wales - The Ash Grove / Scotland - Comin' Through The Rye 4:10  
3. France - Frere Jacque / Alouette 2:39  
4. Italy - Santa Lucia / Funiculi Funicula 2:53  
5. Austria - Cuckoo 1:55  
6. Germany - Children's Prayer / Stille Nacht (Silent Night) 2:57  
7. Australia - Paddy Whack / Kookaburra 2:00  
8. Japan - Sukiyaka 1:54  
9. Russia - Meadowlands 1:34  
10. Korea - Arirang 1:37  
11. Mexico - Cielito Lindo 1:19  
12. Hawaii - Aloha Oe / U.S.A. - Home On The Range / It's A Small World (Reprise) 4:51  

Total Time:



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  it's a small world Disney Vinyl Records

Record Artwork

Record Artwork


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