Walt Disney's Whale Of A Tale


The Sons Of The Pioneers -- featuring Pat Brady, Hugh Farr and Bob Nolan
Label:  RCA Victor Bluebird Children's Records
Catalog#:  WBY-27
Country:  United States
Format:  7" Standard Single
Speed:  45 RPM
Audio:  Mono
Year:  1955

Record Comments:  This single includes songs from two Disney productions that each feature different artists from the Western singing group The Sons Of The Pioneers.  The promotional issue of this record includes a date stamp of May 9, 1955.  Side 1 includes a song from the theatrical release of "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" and side 2 includes a song form the TV Series "Davy Crockett."

Matrix Number: 

Subject Notes:  20,000 Leagues Under The Sea is a Disney live-action feature and premiered in theaters during December of 1954.  The running time is approximately 127 minutes. 


Subject Notes:  Davy Crockett first aired in 1954 as live-action episodes of Disneyland (later known as The Wonderful World Of Disney.)  The show's popularity spawned two theatrical releases in 1955 and 1956 that were created from combining the existing television episodes.  A new series aired in the 1988-89 season that featured an all-new cast.


   Record Contents: 


1. Whale Of A Tale -- Sons Of The Pioneers Featuring Pat Brady and Hugh Farr 2:28  
2. Old Betsy -- Sons Of The Pioneers Featuring Bob Nolan 2:22  

Total Time:



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Record Artwork

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