Alice In Wonderland

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Records on this shelf include songs and content from Alice In Wonderland, Disney's 13th animated feature that premiered in theaters during July of 1951.
Record Checklist
  WY-437 Alice In Wonderland    BD-1273-1274 Alice In Wonderland   47-4088 I'm Late   GM1-16 Alice In Wonderland


9-60439 I'm Late / Alice In Wonderland   60438 Very Good Advice   I'm Late #60439


RD19 I'm Late   RD18 Alice In Wonderland   RD20 Very Good Advice   RD21 The Walrus and the Carpenter


RD22 All In A Golden Afternoon   RD23 Alice Meets The Caterpiller and the Cheshire Cat   RD24 A Very Merry Unbirthday   RD25 Painting The Roses Red

1955 - 1959

J4-271 The Unbirthday Song   WDL-4015 Walt Disney's Alice In Wonderland   Walt Disney's Story Of Alice In Wonderland #ST-3909   DQ-1208 All The Songs From Walt Disney's Alice In Wonderland

1960 - 1967

CAL 1009 Walt Disney's Peter Pan - Alice In Wonderland   DBR-30 Alice In Wonderland   306 Walt Disney's Story Of Alice In Wonderland   ST-3909 Alice In Wonderland

1968 - 1972

1208 Alice In Wonderland   DIC-4035 Alice No Pais Das Maravilhas   3909 Alice In Wonderland   912 Alice In Wonderland

1973 - 1975

WFD-391 Alice In Wonderland   DD.39 I'm Late   ST-3909F Alice In Wonderland   608 Walt Disney's Alice In Wonderland


 50B9026 Happy Birthday   K-128 Songs From Walt Disney's Alice In Wonderland   35-2 Alice In Wonderland   CM-37 Walt Disney's Alice In Wonderland


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