Date Nite At Disneyland


Elliott Brothers, Tony Paris and Orchestra
Label:  Disneyland 
Catalog#:  WDL-3035
Country:   United States
Format:  12" Standard LP
Speed:  33 1/3 RPM
Audio: Mono
Year:  1958

Record Comments:  Although this record has track marks ("bands" as listed on the back,) both sides play as continuous content with no breaks.  The Elliott Brothers consist of brother Lloyd on trombone and brother Bill on his magic saxophone.

The Elliott Brothers' band includes Jud DeNaut on Bass, Dick Shanahan on drums, Ronnie Lang on sax, Eddie Rosa on baritone sax, Justin Gordon on third sax and Cappie Lewis on trumpet.  Although the Date Niters usually performed in the open-air Plaza Gardens, this album was recorded live inside the Golden Horseshoe.

Matrix Number:  WDL-3035-SIDE-ONE - NHB-2340-D2" {] / WDL-3035-PT-2 - HB-2341-N1 {]


Subject Notes:  Date Nite was a Friday and Saturday, Summer evening event at Disneyland that began in 1957.  The Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California officially opened on July 17, 1955.

   Record Contents: 


1. Let's Dance At Disneyland -- Vocal Group 2:12  
2. Night Train  3:38  
3. Shake, Rattle and Roll -- Vocal by Tony Paris 3:01  
4. Medley: September Song / Deep Purple / At Last 4:26  
5. You're Driving Me Crazy -- Vocal by Tony Paris 2:19  
6. Perdido 3:35  
7. Medley: Laura / Harlem Nocturne 3:39  
8. A Foggy Day In Londontown -- Vocal by Tony Paris 2:42  
9. Medley: Wait Till You See Her / Whiffenpoof Song 2:42  
10. Billy Boy Bop -- Vocal by Tony Paris 2:35  
11. Mexican Hoe-Down (La Raspa) 3:12  
12. Medley: That's All / Goodnight Sweetheart 3:57  

Total Time:



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