Hayley Mills

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Records on this shelf include vocals by Hayley Mills.  Named a Disney Legend in 1998, she starred in TV shows and six Disney films, starting with Pollyanna in 1960.
Record Checklist

1960 - 1961

   STER-3309 Camarata Conducts The Music From Walt Disney's The Parent Trap!  F-389 A Special Message From Hayley Mills / Cobbler Cobbler

1962 - 1963

F-408 Castaway   F-409 Enjoy It   DFE 8512 Walt Disney Presents In Search Of The Castaways   BV-3313 Maurice Chevalier And Hayley Mills Take You To Teen Street   AL-701 Alcoa Wrap Presents Music From Walt Disney's Summer Magic

1968 - 1973 and others

DQ-1318 Music From Three Walt Disney Motion Pictures   1318 WDEMCO Music From Three Walt Disney Motion Pictures    EM-1013 Pollyanna   F-385 Let's Get Together


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