The Story Of Hector, The Stowaway Pup


Disney Cast
Label:  Walt Disney Educational Media Company
Catalog#:  WDEMCO 1921
Country:  United States
Format:  12" Standard LP
Speed:  33 1/3 RPM
Audio:  Mono
Year:  1963

Record Comments:  This record is part of a series issued by the Walt Disney Educational Media Company that was incorporated under the name of Walt Disney Educational Materials Company in June of 1969.  All titles in this series include the same cover artwork with a label attached the bares the title of the enclosed record.

The artwork is a re-work of catalog #DL-3510 Walt Disney's Merriest Songs.  The back of some issues in this series include suggestions for class discussions along with additional information about the subject matter.  A standard version of this record was issued as catalog #ST-1921.

The record contents include a narrated story of Hector, The Stowaway Pup and the theme song, written by The Sherman Brothers.  The song is a short, 40-second excerpt that is used as a lead-in to the story on side one and a 15-second reprise that closes out the story on side two.

The complete, and much longer, version of the theme song is included on catalog #DQ-1245 Walt Disney's Wonderful World Of Color.

Matrix Number:  WDEMCO-1921-A / WDEMCO-1921-B


Subject Notes:  Hector, The Stowaway Pup is a Disney live-action, two-part episode of The Wonderful World Of Disney and was first shown in January of 1964.  The story, based on the book Hector, The Stowaway Dog, centers around a trained Airedale Terrier that gets mixed up with jewel thieves during his travels on a freight vessel sailing across the Mediterranean.

The TV episodes aired as The Ballad Of Hector, The Stowaway Dog with individual episode titles of Where Is Hector? and Who The Heck Is Hector?  The two parts were later edited together for foreign distribution and was re-titled as The Million Dollar Collar.

   Record Contents: 


1. The Story Of Hector, The Stowaway Pup (Part 1)
  - Hector, The Stowaway Pup
2. The Story Of Hector, The Stowaway Pup (Part 2)
  - Hector, The Stowaway Pup

Total Time:



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Record Artwork

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