The Mickey Mouse Club

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Records on this shelf include songs and content from The Mickey Mouse Club, a live-action, children's television variety show that premiered in 1955.Record Checklist

1955 - 1958

103 I Am Not Now (And Never Have Been In Love)   Songs From Annette MM-24   F-102 How Will I Know My Love? / Don't Jump To Conclusions


DQ-1227 Musical Highlights From The Mickey Mouse Club TV Show   LG-753 The Merry Mouseketeers   DQ-1266 Walt Disney Presents Songs From All Around The World

1962 - 1963

DQ-1229 Walt Disney Presents Songs From The Mickey Mouse Club Serials   LG-750 Mickey Mouse Club March   LG-758 How Will I Know My Love / Annette   DQ-1235 Sing Along With Jimmie Dodd

1975 - 1977 and others

   1362 Mickey Mouse Club   569 Disco Mouse  50B9025 Happy Birthday


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