The Pirates Of The Caribbean


Disney Cast
Label:  Walt Disney Educational Media Company
Catalog#:  DMK-1005/DMK-1006
Country:  United States
Format:  12" Standard LP
Speed:  33 1/3 RPM
Audio:  Mono
Year:  1977

Record Comments:  This record is one of four different sound effects records from the Disneyland Language Arts Skill Builder Kit released by the Walt Disney Educational Media Company.  The record includes music and sound effects from Disneyland's Pirates Of The Caribbean theme park attraction.

The record label notes that the record is a sound track for slides No. 69-0102.  There is no catalog number on the record jacket.  The label of side one is number DMK-1005 and side two shows DMK-1006.  The other records in the series include DMK-1001/DMK-1002 The Haunted Mansion, DMK-1003/DMK-1004 The Jungle River Cruise and DMK-1007/DMK-1008 The Journey Into Space.

The full kit was offered in the Walt Disney Educational Media Catalog with order number 69-0100Q.  Pages 18 and 19 of the K-8 Media 1979 catalog are shown on this page below.  The pages show the 4 steps on how to use the kit, which is intended to keep kids in a fun atmosphere that is "as fun, colorful, alive and stimulating as Disneyland."

The complete kit includes 160 color 35mm slides (40 for each attraction,) 60 skill cards with convenient container, four soundtrack records (1 for each attraction,) 4 "script-planners" spirit master, 1 electric light box sorter and 1 teacher's guide. The 1979 kit list price was $239.00.

Matrix Number:  DMK-1005-A /DMK-1006-B

Subject Notes:  The Pirates Of The Caribbean is a Disney theme park attraction that made its official debut  on March 18, 1967 at the Disneyland theme park in Anaheim.  With Walt Disney passing just three months before it opened, this was the last attraction whose construction was overseen by him.  The ride was later added to Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Florida in 1973, to Tokyo Disneyland in 1983 and to Disneyland Paris in 1992.  A reimagined version of the ride, Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure, opened at the Shanghai Disneyland Park in 2016.

In July of 2003, a live-active movie was released that was based on the theme park attraction, subtitled The Curse of the Black Pearl.  Others include the 2006 release of Dead Man's Chest, the 2007 At World's End, the 2011 On Stranger Tides and the 2017 Dead Men Tell No Tales.


   Record Contents: 


1. Music And Sound Effects Sequence 1 2:00  
2. Music And Sound Effects Sequence 2 4:00  
3. Music And Sound Effects Sequence 3 6:00  
4. Pirates Of The Caribbean Music 3:06  
5. Ship At Sea 1:30  
6. Crew Laughing 0:26  
7. Pirate Battle 0:36  
8. Cannons Firing 0:20  
9. Harpsichord 1:36  
10. Storm 0:38  
11. Gold Doubloons 0:28  
12. Dunking Well 0:14  
13. Animals 0:19  
14. Fire 0:46  
15. Pirate Target Practice 0:41  

Total Time:



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  Pirates Of The Caribbean Disney Records

Record Artwork

Record Artwork

Record Labels
(Side 1 and 2)

Walt Disney Educational Media Catalog
(Pages 18 and 19)


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