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Records on this shelf are part of a 600 series that contains songs and content from a variety of Disney classics.  The records are numbered 601 to 624.  Some contain pre-price marks of 59 or 99 cents.
Record Checklist

601 - 606

601 Walt Disney's Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs   602 When You Wish Upon A Star   603 Casey, Jr.   604 Walt Disney's Bambi   605 Walt Disney Presents Peter And The Wolf   606 Walt Disney's Song Of The South

607 - 612

608 Walt Disney's Alice In Wonderland   Walt Disney's Davy Crockett And Songs Of Other Heroes   611 Walt Disney's Lady And The Tramp

613 - 618

   616 Farmer In The Dell And Other Nursery Rhymes   
619 - 624
619 It's A Small World   623 Walt Disney Productions Presents Robin Hood


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