Songs From Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom


Dotty Evans, Johnny Anderson and The Merrymakers
Label:  Columbia Records 
Catalog#:  CL 672
Country:   United States
Format:  12" Gatefold LP
Speed:  33 1/3 RPM
Audio: Mono
Year:  1955

Record Comments:  This is the first issue of catalog #CL 672 and contains color photos on the back cover of other Columbia LPs. The second issue does not include the photos. The record cover measures slightly wider than taller at 12 1/2 x 12 inches.

Matrix Number:  XLP36550-1B H1 / XLP36551-1A H1

Subject Notes:  Disney compilation records include a collection of songs from a variety of Disney productions.

   Record Contents: 


1. When You Wish Upon A Star -- Dotty Evans 2:56  
2. Heigh-Ho -- The Merrymakers 2:20  
3. Whistle While You Work -- Johnny Anderson 2:35  
4. Bluddle-Uddle-Um-Dum -- The Merrymakers 2:13  
5. The Dwarfs' Yodel Song -- The Merrymakers 2:24  
6. The Unbirthday Song -- Dotty Evans and Johnny Anderson 2:13  
7. Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf -- The Merrymakers 2:49  
8. Mickey Mouse's Birthday Party -- Dotty Evans and Johnny Anderson 2:21  
9. Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee -- Johnny Anderson 2:15  
10. Little Toot -- The Merrymakers 2:47  
11. When I See An Elephant Fly -- Dotty Evans and Johnny Anderson 2:41  
12. Ballad Of Davy Crockett -- The Merrymakers 3:09  

Total Time:



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