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Records on this shelf include songs and content from a short or full-length Disney feature.  Movies that had multiple records issued may have a shelf of their own. Visit the Home Page to view more titles.


A - B

A Country Coyote Goes Hollywood LG-784P   F-459 Good Grief Griffin!   DQ-1291-N Necco Wafers Presents The Adventures Of Bullwhip Griffin   F-481 He's Gonna Make It

B - C

   ST-1916 Walt Disney's Story Of Big Red   Moveover And Me F-488   DQ-1305 Walt Disney Presents The Story Of Blackbeard's Ghost   ST-3978 Walt Disney Presents The Story Of Blackbeard's Ghost

D - K

Darby O'Gill and the Little People ST-1901   Escape To Witch Mountain 3809   RB 2036 I'd Like To Be You For A Day (Theme From Freaky Friday)


DQ-1258 The Legend Of Lobo / Walt Disney's Old Yeller   DBR-61 The Littlest Outlaw   The Love Bug ST-3986


 F-392-P Seven Moons (of Beta-Lyrae)   F-393 Moon Pilot Melody   BV-3323 The Moon Spinners


Napoleon And Samantha #F-490   ST-1913 Walt Disney's Nikki, Wild Dog Of The North

N - R

Walt Dinsey Productions' Now You See Him... Now You Don't #DIS-72-1   03MS64400 Pirates Of The Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest Remixes

S - Z

F-421 Savage Sam And Me   Y-470 Walt Disney's Stormy, The Thoroughbred   DQ-1255 Walt Disney's Story Of So Dear To My Heart

S - Z

K 13316 Angel (Theme From Walt Disney's "Those Calloways")   64100 Who Framed Roger Rabbit   ST-1904 Walt Disney's Story Of Toby Tyler In The Circus   F-491 Love Theme (From The World's Greatest Athlete)


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