The following list includes Walt Disney's first 25 animated feature films.  When available, click on the record image to view a shelf full of Disney records for the related production.  Note that this list excludes live-action movies with animated sequences.


Link Title Original Release Date
1.  Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs  December, 1937
2.  Pinocchio  February, 1940
3.  Fantasia  November, 1940
4.  Dumbo  October, 1941
5.  Bambi  August, 1942
6.  Saludos Amigos  August, 1942
7.  The Three Caballeros  December, 1944
8.  Make Mine Music  April, 1946
9.  Fun And Fancy Free  September, 1947
10.  Melody Time  May, 1978
11.  The Adventures Of Ichabod And Mr. Toad  October, 1949
12.  Cinderella  February, 1950
13.  Alice In Wonderland  July, 1951
14.  Peter Pan  February, 1953
15.  Lady And The Tramp  June, 1955
16.  Sleeping Beauty  January, 1959
17.  One Hundred And One Dalmatians  January, 1961
18.  The Sword In The Stone  December, 1963
19.  The Jungle Book  October, 1967
20.  The Aristocats  December, 1970
21.  Robin Hood November, 1973
22.  The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh March, 1977
23.  The Rescuers June, 1977
  24.  The Fox And The Hound July, 1981
  25.  The Black Cauldron July, 1985


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