The Happiest Millionaire

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Records on this shelf include songs and content from The Happiest Millionaire, Disney's live-action feature that premiered in theaters during June of 1967.
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STER-5001 Walt Disney's The Happiest Millionaire   938/939 The Happiest Millionaire Feature #3 and Lesley Ann Warren


F-457 Fortuosity   DS 51003 Count Basie Captures Walt Disney's The Happiest Millionaire   STER-4030 Camarata Conducts Walt Disney's The Happiest Millionaire
    DQ--1303 Songs From Walt Disney's The Happiest Millionaire   ST-3952 The Story Of George And The Happiest Millionaire
LG-793 I'll Always Be Irish   CAL-2164 Music From The Happiest Millionaire   MFP 1208 Walt Disney's Fortuosity-Filled Musical The Happiest Millionaire   45-2708 Valentine Candy
1968 - 1969
45-17041 Fortuosity   F-476 It Won't Be Long 'Til Christmas


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